September 17, 2017

It’s FINALLY here!!!! Cue the confetti!!! It’s launch day for our online home! I know it’s been visible for some time now but after almost a year of editing and re-editing it’s done!!! And just in time too! My goal was to launch this beauty before our second baby boy entered this world and we made it happen!

Most of you probably don’t know this but we were originally Grace & Salt Photography. We decided to change our name and start from scratch when we kept getting inquiries from clients that weren’t trying to contact us, but rather another photographer with a similar name. Grace & Salt still holds a special place in my heart but the Lord has given me peace about this much needed change.

God has been so good to our family and it’s amazing how you can look back and see His hand in EVERYTHING! Our story isn’t perfect but it is ours. The hardest part of our journey has been trusting and waiting in the unknown.

If you haven’t had a chance to peruse the site yet let me just say… HELLO! I’m Danielle! I’m a wife to Samson and a momma to the sweetest little boy (soon to be little boys!) who is going to be a threenager in a few months! Time has always moved fast in my life but it’s amazing how much faster things go once you have little ones. I feel like every day I’m trying to hold on to these fleeting moments a little longer.

A quick note to my sweet husband…

Samson I can’t thank you enough for always being by my side and giving me the one thing I needed to follow my dreams, a camera! It’s been quite a journey so far and we’ve had so many challenges to overcome, delivering us to where we are now. Thank you for being the man of God that I always knew you would be. In my weaknesses you always help me turn my focus back on The One who can use those weaknesses and turn them into strength. The boys and I are so blessed to have you as the leader of our family. xoxo



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