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The whole day begins with the DETAILS and this is one of my favorite parts of the wedding day! Most brides don’t tend to think about it when it comes to wedding coverage, but it is SO important! It not only allows me to get into the flow of the day, but it allows me to set the stage for the look of the whole wedding! I ask brides to gather any details they have before I arrive so that I can walk in, say hello, give you a big hug and then begin with all the pretties (and have more time for some “getting ready” shots of you and your girls)! Below you’ll find a list of the most common details that I shoot.

Extras – Sometimes, depending on the theme and “look” of the wedding day, there may be some extra elements that you could include when you gather your details. For example, if you’re having a country themed wedding, you could include a piece of burlap or lace. If you’re having a rustic themed wedding that includes some wooden elements, maybe save a small piece of wood for me to use when I’m shooting your rings and jewelry.



Dresses – This one is obvious, but it’s the most important one! Make sure your dress and your bridesmaids dresses are in the getting ready room! Sometimes I like to use the dresses as a backdrop for your detail images because it gives a consistent feel to your gallery!

Tip : Order special hangers for your dresses! It gives your images a more personal touch and it looks prettier than the white or clear hangers they come on.


Rings (all three) – I found that a lot of times the best man holds onto the rings until the ceremony, but this doesn’t allow time for me, your photographer, to photograph them! So be sure you have both wedding bands and your engagement ring with you!

Tip One : Have all of your rings cleaned the week of your wedding! This will ensure they sparkle a bit more when photographed!


Perfume – This may seem like a small item, but it’s one that you won’t regret adding into detail images!

Tip : Pick out a brand new perfume to start wearing on your wedding day. Maybe wear it on the day of your bridal shower, or at the rehearsal dinner. Then wear it on your wedding day and through the honeymoon. When you get back home and settle into your new married life, stop using the perfume.

Keep the perfume somewhere safe so it can last for years and wear it on every anniversary. Upon smelling it, you’ll be taken right back to your wedding day or honeymoon and have the best memories!


Invitation Suite – The wedding invitations are always a favorite of mine! From the beautiful calligraphy, to the soft watercolor borders and so much more! It truly allows your detail images to portray your wedding style!


Accessories & Keepsake Items – As a bride you have quite a few accessories (veil, hair pieces, shoes, necklace, earrings, garter, borrowed and blue, other jewelry, etc) and even keepsake items from family members! I recommend that all brides put these items into a bag or box to keep them together, so on the day of your wedding you know exactly where all of these items are!


Bouquet & Bout – Don’t forget to have the bouquet and bout delivered to where you are getting ready! This element will add a great pop of color and it allows for more photos of those gorgeous blooms!


Gifts – Are you exchanging gifts on your wedding day? Please be sure to have them close by so I can photograph them before they’re opened.


Wedding Day Details Checklist :

  • Your Dress
  • Bridesmaid Dresses
  • Wedding Bouquets and Bouts
  • All of the Wedding Bands
  • All Accessories (veil, hair pieces, shoes, necklace, earrings, garter, borrowed and blue, other jewelry, etc)
  • Keepsake Items
  • Gifts
  • Perfume
  • Invitation Suite

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