January 30, 2018

Where do I begin? I’ve been waiting for this proposal for at least a year! Samson and I have known Josh since… well Samson has known him since middle school and I’ve known him since high school. Which is over 10 years of our life! Crazy!

I’ve been pestering Josh about proposing to Chelsie for quite some time (because she’s the sweetest and I couldn’t imagine him with anyone else!) and finally one day he told me that when the time came he would give me a call. Cue my happy dance! However, it seemed like that day was never going to come. Then FINALLY he texted me “Do you have any plans this Saturday around 5pm or so?” Thankfully I didn’t and the planning began!

Their love story just gives me all the feels! Chelsie and Josh were both working at Full Sail and they started out as just friends. Their friendship grew, Chelsie was promoted out of the department and after that the two went their separate ways. But after about a year and a half later Josh was at Halloween Horror Nights with friends and out of thousands of people guess who happened to walk by? CHELSIE! (I get chills every time!) They stopped to chat for a bit but then continued their evening with their friends. That night Josh just had to text her and asked her on a date. She said “yes” and last Saturday she said “yes” again! But this time she said “yes” to being his forever! (I’m not crying… Ok, so I’m weeping a little but I’m just so happy for them!)

Enjoy their sweet surprise beach proposal!



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