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A Quick Guide To Doing Your Own Fresh 48

Hi beautiful momma! How are you? I know this season must be a little crazy (let’s be honest probably a lot crazy) for you but I’m hoping that I can bring a little light to your life with some photography basics/tips for a DIY Fresh 48 session in the hospital.


Look for Natural Lighting

I typically do my Fresh 48 sessions in the morning because that’s usually when the light is best in the hospital rooms. However, remember to be flexible and don’t stress. If baby isn’t feeling it then just wait until they’re ready.

Natural light is your new best friend. I recommend turning off all artificial light if possible. If you need to ask your hubby to move a chair closer to the window or move the hospital bassinet next to the window to really get the best light possible. And if you are using a DSLR camera don’t be afraid to crank up the ISO.

Clear The Clutter

This will reduce distractions in your photos and allow you to focus on what’s most important. You and your sweet family. Example: bags, blankets, food trays, etc


Just Do You

Try taking a documentary approach and capture what’s actually happening. The sweet moments. The messy moments. All the emotions.

Snuggling, swaddling, soothing, rocking, feeding, holding, adoring.

One Spot Many Shots

If a sweet moment happens don’t just take one photo. Try capturing your little one from different angles and start wide getting the whole story and slowly get closer for more details of their tiny features.


What Should We Wear

I always recommend keeping things simple when it comes to outfits. That and make sure you pack them 😉 Hubby can wear jeans and either a neutral tee or a muted colored tee. For you, a loose dress or nursing gown was my go to because I had two c-sections and then I threw on a cute robe. Think super comfy. If you’re not into dresses, that’s ok. Maternity leggings are also a great option. Just remember simple (no crazy patterns).

Baby Prep

For your sweet new babe, I love a white onesie and only one outfit so baby doesn’t get cold. The goal is to keep them warm, happy and full. You can also incorporate a simple headband, hat or your favorite swaddle. Aden and Anais is my absolute favorite brand of swaddles.


Shot List Ideas

  1. Exterior hospital building, hallway, room or room number
  2. Mom, Dad and Baby cuddling on bench or chair by the window
  3. Environmental shots (Baby in the hospital bassinet, wide shot of Mom with Baby in the hospital bed)
  4. Documentary moments (baby being weighed, doctor/nurse exam, nursing, skin-to-skin time, diaper changes, swaddling)
  5. Documentary still life (flowers, the white board, bedside table, bassinet name plate with birth details)
  6. Dad holding baby’s head in his hands, direct dad to kiss baby
  7. Mom holding and rocking baby
  8. Close up of baby’s features (feet wrinkles, nose, eyelashes fingers, ears, hair, etc)
  9. Baby alone in bassinet
  10. Wide shot of entire family in hospital bed, baby in the middle
  11. When baby cries get a shot of mom or dad soothing him or her
  12. Mom and dad admiring baby or holding baby and looking at each other

Last Few Tips

Give your phone or camera to a nurse to make sure you get at least one of the whole family. I know you definitely don’t feel glamorous after having a baby but you’ll be thankful for these later. If all else fails take a selfie or use a timer on your phone or camera because these moments are priceless.

Romans 15:13 “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

And because I can’t be there with you to celebrate this incredible season of life with you… You can send 10 of your favorite images you capture to me at and I’ll edit them for you no charge.

Pinterest Inspiration for more posing ideas


He is always good,

Danielle // // @daniellelunette

  1. I am praying that each and every expecting mother in this time is well, that your family’s are safe and healthy. That you find the good in all this, and that your baby’s are born safely, and continue to stay healthy. I hope that this all ends soon so your friends and family can all come together and celebrate your growing family with you.

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